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Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Oregon with Vegetative Key

PDF Aquatic and wetland plants pose a particular problem for those wishing to identify them, because their flowering period is short and often unpredictable. The field botanist, the curious naturalist, the wetlands investigator, or the land manager is often faced with the difficulty of identifying a handful of wet greenery lacking all reproductive material. Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Oregon addresses this problem with comprehensive keys to vegetative characteristic of common-and not so common-plants found in Oregon aquatic and wetland habitats, most of which also occur in the surrounding region. Here is the guide to gaining familiarity with those often mysterious plants that never seem to flower, yet occur so frequently in wet habitats: ferns and their allies, grasses and grasslike plants, and broadleaf herbs, shrubs and trees. The many line drawings illustrate characteristics to seek when flowers are absent, show variations of leaf structure, and acquaint the user with vegetative structures of grasses. Up-to-date nomenclature, keys based on both vegetative characteristics and reproductive structures, and alphabetical listings of genera and species within families make this book useful to the professional and amateur wetland explorer alike.

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