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The Leopard Prince : Number 2 in series

PDF It is a universal truth that a woman - especially an heiress - must be in desperate need of a husband. Lady Georgina Maitland is the exception.For her, spinsterhood has stood her in good stead, with a steady inheritance, a manor of her very own, and, of course, her independence. But to run a manor, she needs a steward. Everyone knows that servants have no gender - and really a land steward was just a superior sort of servant. It's just that Harry Pye, her new steward, is a man. A very nice looking man. And not sexless at all.In fact, it would have to be just the opposite.And can she help that the man has beautiful eyes and such nice hands? The only trouble is that everyone in the area is convinced that Harry is a killer - of sheep.It's just plain impossible to have a discreet affair when things keep getting in the way.With the farmer's livelihood being poisoned, the neighbouring landowner waiting to hang Harry, and three brothers on the warpath, it's all Georgina can do to keep her head above water - and Harry's out of the noose.

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