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On the Fringe

PDF Lee Ofsted and Graham Sheldon, her ex-cop fiance, have decided to take advantage of the glorious setting of the historic Royal Mauna Kea Golf and Country Club to have a quiet wedding ceremony. But from the start things go awry, partly on account of the influx of treasure hunters determined to find the club's most famous lost possession, the Cumberland Cup, commissioned from the great Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1908. Then real disaster strikes. During the Centennial Ball, Hamish Wyndham, the ancient and irascible chairman of the club's board of directors, is discovered bludgeoned to death. When the club pro, Wally Crawford, is targeted by the police as the most likely suspect, Lee is dragged into the maelstrom. And it doesn't take her long to turn up a host of suspects, motives, and simmering resentments. "

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