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Sleep No More

PDF At age eleven, Abby Whitman woke to discover that she had started a fire in her sleep, and the consequences of that night continue to haunt her to this day.Abby hasn't sleepwalked in years, but the death of her mother sparks a relapse.It isn't long before she wakes up in an unimaginable nightmare, slumped over the steering wheel of her car with a motorcycle overturned nearby. Abby is devastated that her sickness led her to hurt someone again, but she discovers that the accident might not be as clear-cut as it seemed.She begins to receive mysterious phone calls and threatening notes, warning her not to tell anyone the truth about the crash.If only Abby could remember what happened, but the whole incident is locked within the hazy memory of her dreams.She turns to the local psychiatrist, Dr. Jason Coble, for advice, and they find comfort in one another's arms.However, whoever is connected to the crash will not stop until they are certain their secret is safe, and Abby soon realizes that she can trust no one until she finds out what happened that horrible night.

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