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Adultery [June Hunt Hope for the Heart]

PDF Has your heart been broken by an unfaithful spouse? Has your life been gripped by the agony of adultery? Has your life been forever changed because of the snare of an affair? Adultery is no small matter, especially for those who experience the intense pain of living with a mate who breaks the marriage covenant. In God, there is hope for you and your situation. June Hunt, a biblical counselor, will help you recognize the behavior of a mate who is having an affair, the characteristics and consequences of the adulterer, the reasons to stop committing adultery, and the common mistakes made by the faithful mate. God uses the marriage relationship to develop sacrificial love, commitment, and forgiveness. Because of Gods magnificent grace there is redemption for the adulterer, and God promises to lift up the one whose heart has been broken. Paperback, 96 pages, 4 x 7 inches.

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