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Tptbs: Mark - Miracles and Mercy : Miracles and Mercy 12-Week Study Guide

PDF In Mark's gospel we discover the wonderful news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. What a beautiful description we find of Jesus, the Anointed One. From miracles to mercy, you will uncover a deeper awareness of Jesus' identity and mission until you come to the climax and purpose of his life: the cross.We've designed this study to help you journey through Mark's magnificent biography of history's most fascinating person. Each uniquely-crafted lesson opens with an introduction and key verse to reveal important themes. Four sections guide readers through Mark in a way that will help you discover, explore, experience, and share the heart of God more deeply.Mark is right: the news about Jesus is wonderful news-for you and for your world. Discover today what Jesus has in store for you!About the Passionate Life Bible Study Series: God longs for everyone to encounter the passion of his heart. Inspired by The Passion Translation, this heart-level Bible study is ideal for both individual devotional study and small groups. Kindle a burning desire for a passion-filled life fueled by the heart of God!

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PDF - download Tptbs: Mark - Miracles and Mercy : Miracles and Mercy 12-Week Study Guide

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