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The Themes and Issues of the Pilgrim's Progress

PDF As the host of a series of popular teaching seminars on The Pilgrim's Progress, and the author of a revision of the text of the allegory, Barry Horner has been instrumental in bringing Bunyan's classic alive for a new generation of readers across the English-speaking world. After decades of study and seminar teaching around the world, Dr. Horner has encountered countless questions concerning The Pilgrim's Progress. Here is the fruit of his study an in-depth consideration of the most provocative and sometimes puzzling elements woven throughout this unrivaled allegory. Dr. Horner's unashamed intent is always to explain and reinforce Bunyan's conservative Evangelical thrust. Over twenty rich chapters include a wealth of information considering not only stylistic, historical, social and communicative issues, but above all the concern of the Bedford pastor to proclaim the gospel that focuses on the glorious grace of God freely offered through Christ. There is no better commentary available today to unlock the depth and riches of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, nor is there arguably a more qualified scholar anywhere to guide us through this classic and monumental work of literature.

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