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Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval

PDF This new and updated second edition of a classic text provides a thought-provoking introduction to metadata for all library and information students and professionals.Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval has been fully revised by David Haynes to bring it up to date with new technology and standards. The new edition, containing new chapters on Metadata Standards and Encoding Schemes, assesses the current theory and practice of metadata and examines key developments in terms of both policy and technology.Coverage includes: an introduction to the concept of metadataa description of the main components of metadata systems and standardsan overview of the scope of metadata and its applicationsa description of typical information retrieval issues in corporate and research environmentsa demonstration of ways in which metadata is used to improve retrievala look at ways in which metadata is used to manage informationconsideration of the role of metadata in information governance.This book is essential reading for library and information students at undergraduate and postgraduate level and will also be useful reading for LIS professionals looking for an accessible introduction to metadata.

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