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Basic Reliability

PDF Basic Reliability is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to work in Reliability Engineering or has a project that has to be completed with the principles of Reliability. Author Nicholas Summerville brings over 15 years of Reliability, Quality, and Safety Engineering to light in this easy to understand book. In clear and easy to understand language, Summerville points out the key principles of Reliability Engineering and how one can easily understand and complete Reliability Projects. He even has included a glossary at the end to help you understand those tough engineering terms. Basic Reliability covers a diverse field of topics, including: Introduction to Reliability Life-Cycle Modeling Failure Modes and Failure Rates Reliability Tools Terminology Maintainability Applying Reliability vs. cost Basic Reliability is a useful resource for those wanting to use Reliability Tools as well as perform Reliability life cycle analyses. Reliability from the beginning from the product design stage is much better than trying to add reliability to the product once it is out in the field.

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