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Story Building Blocks III : The Revision Layers

PDF Good writers compose sentences. Great writers craft language. Revision adds the finishing touches to the narrative you've created. This book will not turn you into a professional editor. It will, however, help you present the cleanest and tightest manuscript to your agent or editor. If you self-publish, it is a critique partner that helps you polish your work. We examine common plot holes. We identify speed bumps that affect the reader's enjoyment of the ride you are taking them on. We explore rhetorical devices and how to use them to craft expert-level cumulative sentences. We spend a little time proofreading. Revision is the most time-consuming, mind-numbing, aggravating part of writing a book. Taking it one step at a time gets you through it and keeps you from burning the manuscript. You'll be tempted to quit and go spearfishing in Fiji. It only delays the inevitable. Life is too short for bad fiction.

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