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Texts from the Bruce Codex

PDF This codex, which comprises Coptic. Arabic and Ethiopic manuscripts, is said to have been bought at Medinet Habu in Upper Egypt in about 1769 by the Scottish traveller. James Bruce.' We owe this information to C. G. Woide who made the first copy of the Coptic gnostic texts contained in it. He also first brought them to public notice with an article on the Egyptian version of the Bible, and he gave the biblical citations in his Appendix ad editionem Novi tions Testamenti. After his death his copy of the texts was held by the Clarendon Press, Oxford, under the number MS. Clarendon Press d. 13. In 1848 the codex was acquired by the Bodleian Library, together with Woide's transcript of the gnostic texts. The gnostic manuscripts were catalogued under the number Bruce 96.

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