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Guitar Scales

PDF The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Music Scales And Modes With Ease! Finally Understand How To Use Scales And Their Modes To Solo, Improvise And Create Beautiful Melodies On Guitar! - Have you ever wanted to really understand scales and how they work on guitar? - Did the scale modes ever seemed like a scary alien concept that only advanced jazz guitar players could use? - Have you ever felt frustrated about scales and how to use them? - Have the scales ever seemed too hard to even bother with? What if I show you that there is a really easy way to understand scales - any scale?And what if this understanding brings you the ability to easily use them to: Create cool sounding melodiesPlay with more freedomExpress yourself more through playing? Scales can be incredibly fun once you understand them! They are a music theory concept but - in essence - they're just a group of notes that sound good together! They're are your guide to exploring and creating new beautiful and interesting sounds! Learning and understanding scales, and the music theory concepts behind them, therefore is an essential part of the journey for any guitar player and any other musician. This book has a unique way to show you just how easy it is to understand scales and become a better musician. It shows you that anyone can learn to use them. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced guitar player - you will definitely find lots of benefits in this book! Beginners and Intermediates This book will be a revelation to you! More experienced guitar players This book is an excellent study material and a great reference to have every time you might be unsure about something! Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn: What is a scale Is there something you must know first What is the Master Scale All about the music intervals and why are they important What are the types of scales Scale shapes on guitar How to easily understand modes Minor pentatonic scale and its modes Demystifying the term "Diatonic" Everything about Major and Natural minor scales Diatonic modes The truth behind the Harmonic minor scale (the exotic scale) and the Melodic minor scale Harmonic minor and Melodic minor scale modes How to practice hearing the sound of any scale or mode What is a melody How to use scales to improvise melodiesAnd much, much more! Buy this book NOW to increase your knowledge, become a better musician, and stop feeling frustrated about scales! Pick up your copy today by clicking on the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

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