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Narcissism in a Nutshell : The Handbook of Bad Relationship Behaviors

PDF The narcissism handbook for suspecting partners Is your partner actually a narcissist or is he/she just a person behaving badly...and how can you tell? Learning to recognize the signs/behaviors of the narcissistic personality can prevent this type of emotional manipulation and abuse from ever happening to you at all OR the knowledge will give you the confidence to finally go "no contact" with the abuser you are involved with. Yet another amazingly intuitive book about narcissism in relationships from blogger/relationship consultant Zari Ballard (, Narcissism in A Nutshell will quickly provide you with an answer to that all-too familiar nagging question: Is he or isn't he? Zari explains that this isn't rocket science...that the trick to determining whether a partner's behaviors are truly narcissistic is inremaining watchful of how these behaviors connect and relate to each other. These behaviors do not stand alone and if you make the mistake of thinking that they do, you will always lose. This narcissism handbook not only describes the thirteen most blatant characteristics of narcissism in a relationship, it also explains, very clearly, how all of the described behaviors seamlessly connect to form the pathological relationship agenda - an agenda by which the narcissist lives his/her life and by which you, if you choose to stay with this person, will live your life as well. In a nutshell, here is how a narcissist's mind-boggling behaviors connect from one to the other within this book: A narcissist's initial love-bombing (Chapter I) sets the stage for years of future-faking (Chapter III) much like the nefarious silent treatment (Chapter VI) succeeds due to the managing down of a partner's expectations (Chapter VIII) which will always involve the type of covert pathological lying (Chapter II) that, combined with cell phone games (Chapter V), the pain of triangulation (Chapter X), and projection tactics (Chapter XIII), will contribute to an overall confusion in the loving partner that allows a narcissist to get away with everything that he does. It's all about creating chaos (Chapter XII) and distraction(Chapter IX)! Seemingly separate at first, these passive-aggressive behaviors will always combine in such a way that there will be no doubt as to who this person really is. And those are just a FEW of the many ways that we can connect the dots within this book. It's easier than you think...all you have to do is know what you see. Don't ever be fooled by a narcissist again...Download this book today! Visit Zari's blog:

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