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War of the Roses

PDF What more could you want from a tale, then what the Wars of the Roses can provide you? It is a tale of supremacy that was fought over 30 years. This story includes death by execution, death in battle, and mysterious deaths that are still unknown today. What makes it all the more fascinating is that it is history. It is not a story written by someone like George Martin and his tale of the Game of Thrones. It is not a TV show about the House of Tudor that has taken liberties with historical accounts. The events of the Wars of the Roses are recorded. The various battles fought by five kings trying to gain supremacy over other men happened. Yes, there are certain details of the battles, the deaths, and assumptions that may not be completely true. Different accounts of certain battles, such as how Henry VIs son died will leave us wondering what truly happened. However, all the information is rooted in history, supported by written accounts and tapestries. Discover how the Wars of the Roses started. Learn the early history of England that led to millennia of various wars, battles for supremacy, and different cultures owning English land. Find out how the stage was set for the Wars of the Roses. Which royal members of the family were jealous, and which members acted on those feelings? Read about the main players who continued to wage war against each other. Understand where the name "Wars of the Roses" came from. Above all else, as you read about the various battles fought, think about your family. Could you turn against your closest family members for the right to rule? Could you be as dastardly as some of the uncles, brothers, and cousins as those in the House of Lancaster and House of York? The Wars of the Roses pitted brothers, cousins, and uncles against each other to the point that they should be ashamed in death of what they did in life. Find out how palace intrigue, marriages, and murdering relatives shaped the history of England and brought about the bloodiest day in English history. You will be amazed at the sheer damage the thirst for power can do within a family and within an entire country.

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