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Civil Procedure

PDF Practice makes perfect! Friedman s Practice Series helps you develop the skills for spotting issues and preparing A+ answers for your next exam. Real laws school exams test your knowledge of the key concepts and rules with a collection of essay and multiple-choice questions. Set up to mirror actual exams, the series features long essay questions as well as some that are relatively short and medium-length, giving you great practice in the length and variation of questions on the final. Friedman s is one of the only series to fully emulate complete essay examinations they are as close to actual exam-questions that you can find. And as Friedman s texts are compiled by professors who wrote the exams, you get sound advice as well as keen insight on what instructors look for in grading your answers. Friedman s Practice Series titles test your knowledge with real law school exams. Test your knowledge of key concepts and rules with comprehensive essay and multiple-choice questions.Practice questions of various length prepare you for any exam.Experience actual exams!Get sound advice from the professors who wrote the exams.Find insight into what professors look for when grading. "

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