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Analytical Chemistry of Cadmium

PDF In this book, a brief description of sampling strategies, preservation and handling of environmental samples (liquids, solids and air) are commented on, with particular emphasis on the subsequent cadmium determination. The main analytical techniques for cadmium determination are briefly described, and they are compared in base on their advantages and drawbacks. In addition, the use of automatic analysers for environmental monitoring are also described, as well as the main sample pre-treatment methods for liquid and solid environmental samples. Well-established methodologies and current trends are reviewed for cadmium determination in environmental matrices such as water, soils, sediments, biota, and atmospheric particulate matter. In addition, cadmium speciation, mainly cadmium fractionation in soil, sediment, sludge and atmospheric particulate matter (BCR method), and isolation and separation of cadmium bound to metallothioneis in biota is reviewed. Finally, a source of literature on standard and official methods for cadmium determination in environmental materials is provided in this book.

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