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Pocket Guide to Coin-op Vending Machines

PDF Remember that colorful gumball machine sitting on the counter of the neighborhood candy store? Today, it and other coin-operated vending machines of all kinds are highly collectible for their nostalgic and historical value. Featuring photos, descriptions, and prices for over 300 machines, this handy guide will help you discover great finds just waiting at flea markets and antique shows! Ranging from common to rare, the machines are organized by category and shown in alphabetical order according to their common names. They date from the late 1890s to the 1960s and include specific designs that dispensed candy, gum, peanuts, tobacco, aspirin, breath pellets, matches, stamps, and cigars. Beginning as well as seasoned collectors will appreciate the useful hints for finding these machines, restoring and servicing them, common terminology, and information on specialized shows and collector associations.

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