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Reproductive Endocrinology for the MRCOG and Beyond

PDF Understanding endocrinology is central to understanding the key processes that affect normal reproductive function, while an understanding of normal endocrinology and the pathophysiology of endocrine disorders is important when dealing with reproductive disorders. This book provides a comprehensive background for all gynaecologists, covering: sexual differentiation and intersex disorders; adrenal disorders; normal puberty and adolescence; abnormal puberty; the menstrual cycle; disorders of menstruation; amenorrhoea; polycystic ovary syndrome; anovulatory fertility and ovulation induction; lactation and lactational amenorrhoea; hyperprolactinaemia; thyroid disease; diabetes; lipid metabolism and lipoprotein transport; premature ovarian failure; and calcium metabolism and its disorders. The book is primarily designed to provide a comprehensive summary for candidates preparing for the Part 2 MRCOG examination, and as such covers the RCOG curriculum for reproductive endocrinology. It is also a valuable guide for all healthcare professionals working in the field, including trainees, consultants and any health professional coming into contact with women.

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