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Children and Their Families

PDF Succeed in your pediatric nursing course with Children and Their Families, Third Edition! This bestselling text has already helped thousands of students master the concepts and skills necessary for effective practice in a variety of settings, from home to school to medical center.The book's easy-to-understand presentation, striking visuals, and built-in learning tools help you develop an understanding of the unique role you'll have in working with all members of the pediatric healthcare system and equip you to make critical judgments and decisions in a variety of settings across the continuum of care.Broaden your understanding of theinterrelated dynamics of pediatric nursing care and make the leap fromtheory to practice, through Progressive Case Studies thatfollow a community of pediatric clients through each chapter. Learn to create and implement care plans throughNursing Plan of Care features.Develop an understanding ofimportant psychosocial, teaching, physiologic, or pathophysiologicdifferences among children of various age groups with handy DevelopmentalConsideration charts.Prepare for effective practicewith Care Paths that summarize the interdisciplinary plan ofcare for a child with a specific condition and include nursing diagnosesto alert the health care team to current or potential issues that requireintervention.Learn the skills you need foreffective client/family education with Teaching Intervention Plans(TIPs) that present interdisciplinary plans focused on aspects ofcare involving child and/or family education.Evaluate and improve your criticalthinking skills with Clinical Judgments features.Develop the skills you need towork with families in community settings through Community Care Chartsthat present special teachings and clinical information.Master important informationthrough Nursing Intervention Charts that provide a more in-depthdescription of particular nursing care activities.Learn how to assess disorders invarious body systems through Focused Health History chartsthat summarize specific health history information. Identify abnormal findings througha Focused Physical Assessment chart that highlights assessmentfindings and explains what would be considered an abnormal finding.Prepare for clinical practice withNursingDiagnoses and Outcome charts that summarize thenursing diagnoses and outcomes that are consistently applicable to definedpopulations of children with specific health challenges.Enhance your understanding of howchildren are cared for in other cultures through Cross-Cultural Care boxes. Develop an understanding ofhow research informs pediatric practice through Evidence-Based Practice boxes.

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