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The Heart Is Another Name for God

PDF "THE REAL REVOLUTION IS AN EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS!" Today, many are awakening to this reality as an Absolute Truth... I have heard it said that we cry when entering the 3rd Dimension and laugh when we depart the illusion. The necessity of the journey, on Earth School, is designed to accelerate a conscious awakening and advance the soul's ongoing progression. To awaken, the soul must experience both good and evil, in the polar design of the material plane which ignites advancement beyond the Five Senses of basic perceptions and ultimately passage to the 5th Dimension of God Consciousness. The 4th Dimension plays a small, but pivotal role, acting as stepping stone. It is within the 4th Dimension that we change our intentions and thus the pattern of our experience. We then recognize that our thoughts create our reality. "In the mist of great storms in life, as we walk our path, enlightenment becomes a sacred gift provided by know-ledged obtained in the polar state of good and evil," says this beautifully written, grandly expansive, small inspirational book, which is also in audio format, centering on overcoming personal challenges, conquering obstacles, and longing to change the world for the betterment. Rest assured, in the illusion of this journey that Light is, and will always be, far greater than darkness. The arrival of the heightened spiritual state of consciousness awakening will be accompanied by social and personal transformation as demonstrated by a desire to eradicate hunger, sickness, poverty, racism, sexism, and ongoing war. The second unifying theme is that individuals will get a foretaste of this enlightenment through personal spiritual transformation, healing, and growth, an unfolding of heartfelt brotherly love. "The Heart is Another Name for God" discusses the Universal connection between humanity and world events and our perception during the Earthly experience. For example, the "New World Order / Disorder" is merely an expertly crafted thought created illusion taking form, by those toying with humanity, amusingly, and an expertly crafted illusion being used to create reality, of which we have the ability to dissipate, change, reject and redirect into Light. Do not be deceived. In reality, what is really happening is an awakening and a release from the bondage of material plane idealism. "The Heart is Another Name for God" will challenge your perceptions, and how you look at yourself and others. It brings renewed hope that better things are on the horizon as humanity witnesses global change through crumbling of outdated government practices, unacceptable separation through false religious practices, and doctrines, and an awareness that the Universal Church, founded on unconditional love for all life, is not connected, as many believe, to the power struggle of the Satanic agenda motivated by a small few. This knowledge, in and of itself, is empowering and ignites the global Paradigm Shift destined by Divine Order! Rest assured that a guiding evolutionary process is, and has always been, working together for the greater good. The message is simple, the Heart is God, and it is the dawning of a new day!

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