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Cultural Politics in the Age of Austerity

PDF In 2008 another economic crisis emerged in the long history of capitalism which created a period of 'austerity economics' across many nations. Cultural Politics in the Age of Austerity examines how austerity has impacted upon cultural politics in relation to understanding how established power is both maintained and challenged. The book begins by detailing the meaning of cultural politics before exploring themes such as media discourse, austerity narratives, class, cultural hegemony/government policymaking, social movements and the European Union, and left responses to austerity. It also includes chapters tracing cultural politics in Spain, with a focus on anti-austerity movements and the relationship between austerity and Spanish football. Cultural Politics in the Age of Austerity assesses the impact of a range of cultural/political forms concerning the dynamics of society and relations of power during times of crisis. As such, it will appeal to scholars of culture, media, politics, philosophy, sociology and social psychology.

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