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My Husband's Secret

PDF Kadesha Mullings, wakes to the sound of her husband's cell phone vibrating at 4 o'clock in the morning. It is her sister, Peaches - the one who'd accused Kadesha's husband of raping her. It has been five months since they last heard of Peaches. Why is she calling? What does she want? But what Kadesha really want to know is why is her sister's number still stored in her husband's phone? Kadesha attempts to put her suspicions to rest, eager to trap her husband in his lies, but she soon discovers that her husband is better at keeping a secret than her ability to pull it out of him. He has no interest in making things that easy for her. So her quest for the truth eventually leads her to her best friend, Deidra Nixon, a private investigator to help her solve the reason behind her husband's evasive behavior. What started as a simple missed call explodes into chains of mysterious events, which shakes the very core of Kadesha's Christian faith and ultimately, drives a wedge between her and her husband that could crush their seventeen-year marriage to powder.

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