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Alligators of Texas

PDF Found only in the United States, the American alligator rangesin Texas through 120 counties, from the Sabine River to the RioGrande, across a swath of river drainages and coastal marshes thatinclude both the backwater swamps of the Big Thicket and theurban bayous of the Houston metroplex.From its beginning in a pile of eggs buried in a meticulouslyconstructed nest to its possible end as an alligator burger or a pairof boots, an alligator's habitat preferences sometimes coincidewith the favorite haunts of boaters, hunters, and coastal residentsthough its behavior is sometimes poorly understood.In this book, biologist Louise Hayes-Odum and photographerPhilippe Henry have come together to bring readers up close tothis cryptic reptile's food choices, parenting skills, communicationtechniques, and responses to natural events such as freezes andhurricanes. They also relate some Texas "alligator tales"; discussalligator farming, hunting, and live capturing; and examine howpeople can successfully co-exist with this predator. They end bytelling readers where they can view alligators, both in the wild andin captivity. Although not as often, as easily, or perhaps as happily observedas white-tailed deer or armadillos, the American alligator isan iconic Texas animal, and knowing more about its life andhabits can help Texans better understand its rightful place in thelandscape.Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

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