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Turmoil on Delancey Street

PDF Eight sought shelter from a paralyzing blizzard in an abandoned chapel on December twenty-third. There, in THE CHRISTMAS CHAPEL, they met God, were confronted by their disappointing lives and urged to change for the better. Now they are struggling to rebuild historic DeLancey Street. But as they hope to resurrect it while creating the new lives God gave them, Evil plots to destroy them through sabotage, murder, greed, fraud and personal heartaches. Facing these horrors are: BUSINESSMAN ADAM BLAKE whose iron determination collides with an enemy just as determined to destroy him at all cost. PASTOR WILL WORTH who adds more turmoil to DeLancey Street and his personal life by opening the chapel. WIDOW ELIZABETH CURTIS who faces a secret that may ruin her life and family. RELUCTANT BRIDE SUSIE PORTER, whose actions cost her the love of her family as well as their safety. DIVORCEE DARLENE DEXTER whose newfound friendship with her ex-husband threatens to kill all she holds dear. BREADWINNER BRETT MONTGOMERY whose good fortune threatens his marriage. HOUSEWIFE ISABELLE FRANKLIN who, finally able to pursue her dream, faces the greatest loss of her life. POLITICIAN HOMER HENRY HAMILTON VI, who knows where Evil comes from and cannot escape it. CHAPEL CARETAKER "OLD" BEN DICKERSON whose heart is shaken to the very core. As they struggle for the very life of the street, their own souls and newfound faiths are tested in the collision of "Good" and "Evil" and no one can be sure of the ending. Along with this page turning mystery, are special recipes from some of the characters, a reader's guide and a sneak preview of the final book in the series: TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH ON DeLANCEY STREET.

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