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Mary Musgrove : Queen of Savannah

PDF She would spend a lifetime fighting for her Indian heritage in a white man's world....Daughter of an English fur trader and his wilderness wife, young Coosaponakeesa, princess of the Upper and Lower Creeks, left her Indian village for Charlestown to be reared in the ways of the English. Baptized Mary, the deerskin-clad girl blossomed into a regal beauty, possessing the proud, courageous spirit of her Indian heritage. As wife, mother, and queen, her influence helped forge the greatest trading empire in the Charlestown and Savannah colonies. But times were treacherous, and as the English colonies expanded into the New World, so did the tensions and hostilities between Anglo and Indian. From the stark Indian village on the Chattahoochee River to the bustling streets of Charlestown and Savannah, through sixty years and three husbands, Mary follows her destiny as an indomitable force of peace between two peoples. And as a new nation struggles, Mary proves herself a woman of her land and her heritage...the true queen of her people.

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