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Marketing Strategies for Chiropractic Success

PDF Looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to market your chiropractic practice? Author, Deborah Tukua and a panel of 10 successful, chiropractic business owners share what works. Learn promotional article writing how-to, social media insights, multiple marketing strategies, and creative ways to put your patient testimonials to work, promoting your practice in the community. Book includes an attractive patient response form, so you can start collecting and using patient testimonials in your marketing campaigns. A chiropractic information sheet, ready to print and use in practice will inform your patients of the vast scope of chiropractic and encourage referrals. Learn how to reach more with google hangouts and how to productively schedule time out of the office. Do you have a 24/7 salesman on the street? Find out which method of advertising was reported to increase revenue greater than TV, radio, or newspaper ads, even more effective than patient referrals. Successful chiropractors share how to use google hangouts to reach more potential clients, and how to use posture and backpack safety analysis to grow your practice. Have you taken your spine on a promotional parade? We tell you how the experts do it. Gain promotional writing know-how. Deborah tells how to write effective articles to market your practice. Ever wanted to write a book, but don't know where to start? Deborah walks you through the steps. Learn what to do before you write your first chapter. Tried and true, innovative marketing strategies from successful chiropractors and business owners across the country, include interviews with: Dr. Nona Djavid, Dr. Barbara Eaton, Dr. Marco Ferrucci, Dr. Tiffany Johnson, Dr. Stephanie Maj, Dr. James McGuire, Dr. Thomas Potisk, Dr. John Ross, Dr. Alexander Sayas, and Dr. Steven Weiniger. Updated Second Edition - August 2014

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